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Spa services

Riviera Facial

We are a full service salon and day spa here in College Station, Texas. We offer a broad array of services dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate health and beauty goals. Riviera Salon and Day Spa has a full menu complete with air brush tanning, pedicures, facials, body wraps, all types of massage therapy, corrective coloring, foil highlights, waxing, make-up, and nail services.


Massage Therapy Services


Massage therapy is the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues for the purpose of relaxing them and bringing them back to their optimal energy level. The result is a deeply relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating experience.






A nurturing treatment using refined essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. Essential oils are very therapeutic and help to fortify the function of the internal organs

Choose from these blends or have a custom blend made: Sinus, headache, Stress or Relaxation. Add Aromatherapy to any massage:

  • 30 minutes ~ add $5
  • 60 minutes ~ add $10


A therapeutic full body massage that is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.

  • 30 minute ~ $45
  • 60 minutes ~ $75
  • 90 minutes ~ $95
  • 30 minute deep tissue ~ add $5
  • 60 minute deep tissue ~ add $10
  • 90 minute deep tissue ~ add $15

Aqua Stone

Hot stone therapy goes beyond the physical benefits of a typical massage. It allows for a more balanced and centered state of well-being. Warm stones release muscles and joint tension, creating a deeper state of relaxation.

  • 60 minutes ~ $95


Our custom designed pregnancy pillows provide a mother-to-be with a relaxing way to receive a massage. Mom can comfortably relieve stress, joint pain, neck, and back discomfort. For the mother and baby's benefit, she must be more than 12 weeks pregnant to receive a massage.

  • 30 minutes ~ $55
  • 60 minutes ~ $80

Skinny Girl Massage ~ $55

Skinny girl massage is designed for anyone desiring their skin to feel tighter or more toned within a 30-minute session. Affects and addresses cellulite and circulation.

Essential Hot Oil Pack

Special oils are blended and applied for the relief of injured or tired muscles.

  • Add to any massage ~ $20

Couples Massage

Relax with that special someone while you both enjoy a massage in the same room.

  • 30 minutes ~ $90
  • 60 minutes ~ $150

Spend time in our Hot tub or Jacuzzi w/ bubble bath prior to your massage. Includes Champagne and Strawberries with whip cream. ~ add $35.00

Spa Services for Men

Riviera Facial

Enjoy our exclusive men's room with private shower, steam room, lockers and complimentary beverages. We offer a variety of services designed specifically for men. Be sure to browse our entire brochure for other great services.






Men's Facial

An active lifestyle, daily skin aggression from shaving, environmental conditions, photo-damage, and free-radicals quickly take their toll on your skin. Integrate this easy, technologically advanced program to visibly preserve a youthful appearance.

  • Men's Riviera Facial ~ $70
  • Men's Ultimate Facial ~ $95

Nail Grooming

Men's Manicure

Includes gentle soak, exfoliation, shaping of the nails and buffing, leaving your nails with a natural look.

All men's nail grooming may be performed in a private room for your comfort.

  • Men's Foot Grooming ~ $35
  • Men's Hand Grooming ~ $25

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

An intensive deep tissue massage that alleviates sore muscles, increases circulation, and relaxes the body.

  • 30 minutes ~ $50
  • 60 minutes ~ $85
  • 90 minutes ~ $110

Torso Wrap ~ $45

This safe, all-natural process provides inch loss through detoxifying body cleansing using M'lis body contouring products.

Facial Options


We proudly offer the latest treatments and products from Glymed® and Pevonia® including the latest Micro-Retinol Peel.

Skin Analogy ~ $25

Our skin care professional will analyze your skin and give you a written treatment plan including your skin type, condition, and home care plan.



Ultimate Riviera Facial ~ $95


This high performance facial includes deep cleansing massage, gentle exfoliating masque, steam, extractions, custom treatment, hand treatment and protecting cream. Allow our Esthetician to guide you in selecting the best customized treatment for your skin type and concerns.


Ultimate Facial Treatment Options

  • Luminous C - Designed to repair sun damaged skin.
  • Anti-Free Radical - Deep hydrating and nourishing.
  • Plantomer - Soothes, calms and desensitizes skin.
  • Roseacea - Diffuses redness and calms the skin.
  • Oxy-vital - Treats super sensitive skin. Great for traumatized skin.
  • Microdermabrasion - Polishes the skin helping to smooth and improve  imperfections.
  • Chemical Peels - Acids to effectively exfoliate, leaving your skin smoother.
  • Ginko Biloba Eye Treatment - Freeze-dried eye mask diminishes dark circles and puffiness.

Body Treatments

Mud Wrap

Select any of our specialized mud wraps that are designed to be applied to the body forming a masque allowing nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin - detoxifying, hydrating and healing as it dries.




Skinny Girl Wrap ~ $95

Introducing, M'lis body contouring at Riviera Salon and Day Spa! This safe, all-natural process provides cellulite reduction and inch loss through detoxifying body cleansing. You can lose four to 14 inches in one hour! The M'lis products we use provide permanent inch loss and cellulite reduction. The benefits are immediate and inch loss is real with M'lis and Riviera's Skinny Girl Wrap! Visit our boutique for more great M'lis products for home use.

Body Exfoliation - $70

Select any of our specialized body exfoliations to gently remove dead skin cells, encourage cell rejuvenation and improve circulation.

All body exfoliations include a Swedish shower and hydrating lotion application.


Herbal Wrap Treatment ~ $70

Unwind and relax with our specialized herbal wraps to increase lymphatic circulation that allows the body to detoxify and cleanse itself, while revitalizing the mind and spirit.


Mud Wraps ~ $95

Mud Wrap

Select from any of our specialized mud wraps that are designed to be applied to the body forming a masque allowing nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin –detoxifying, hydrating and healing as it dries.

Select from the following:

  • Sedona and French Red Clay Mud Masque
    Helps reduce the sign of aging.
  • Dead Sea and Chamomile Mud Masque
    Anti-Inflammatory heals and cleanses the body
  • Seaweed and French Green Clay Mud Masque
    Skin cell stimulation and detoxification

Masque From The Sea:

  • Chamomile and Marine Algae
    Gives strength and vitality to undernourished skin
  • Garden Mint Algae
    Restores moisture and adds a radiant glow.


Airbrush Tanning

True to Spa tradition, our Body Care offerings will relax, revive, and rejuvenate not just in mind, but spirit and body. Choose from our endless selection of treatments, anything from a Scalp massage, to a healthy, golden airbrush tan. If you can dream it, we can achieve it…

Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Start your treatment with a hot towel back massage followed by warm essential oils that are custom blended for your hair type and then massaged into the scalp and left to penetrate, while receiving a scalp massage. A warm steam shower will follow and a moisturizing leave-in conditioner is applied.

  • 60 minutes ~ $60
  • Add to a massage for ~ $45

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning

Enjoy the warm glow of a golden tan while avoiding the sun's inevitable aging effects with an airbrush tan. An even application of a spray tan lotion is applied that will leave you with immediate, natural color that continues to develop over the next two to three hours. Be sure to exfoliate and shave prior to your appointment. Lotions and deodorants will interfere with application of the airbrush tan solution. Treatment lasts one to two weeks.

  • 1 for $30
  • 3 for $75

Ear Candling - $35

Ear Candle

This ancient home remedy helps earaches, excessive ear wax, swimmers ear and ringing in the ear. The candle works as a vacuum to extract unwanted discharge.